After a nice weekend in this great appartement and a real bedroom, back to dormitories and this new hostel, The Cat’s Hostel. A colorfull place with good music and a bar closing at midnight. Yeah ! Only 4 days left to enjoy Madrid, time to speed up.

Sunday party

Only one problem, this my first sunday away from Lille. And in Lille, on sundays, we party \o/ ! Spending your afternoon at Le Cheval Blanc dancing and listenning the great Zazous  (If you ever go to Lille, you have to visit this place ! clic here for the facebook page). Music, Friends and beers, what else ?

To satisfy my need of music and beers, Isabelle found the solution once again. The event Holi Madrid 2016, on the Plaza Santa Maria looked convincing. Dancing all afternoon on Bollywood music and throwing color powder on everyone was really dope and a good training for the real Holi in India at the beginning of march.

As fun is never over, you can still enjoy seeing the “normal” people staring at you in the streets of Madrid when the event is over. Strangely satifying ? Imagine the team wandering in Time Square of Pidacilly circus \o/

Holi Madrid 2016

Dancing for 5 hours is tiring, exculing the 3 hours showering to get rid of this sticky paint. Few beers with the 30 australians from the hostel will finish to knock me out.

Hike in Casa de campo

Today is hike day in Casa de campo, the other huge urban parc in Madrid. Bigger and wilder exept if you want to drop you ass on the grass near the lake, in the zoo or in the amusement park. As I hope you are more the backpacker/adventurer type, I will pass on these kinda boring places.

Casa de campo, it’s 17 square kilometers of wilderness, hills, steppe and forest. There is a cable car taking you the the highest point of view. I have to admit, I never found this highest point going by foot, Shame !

Instead, I completely lost myself for four hours in this huge place. As a result, nice pics, grappes from an old guy and sore muscles. Totally worth it.

Food porn at El tigre

After this long expedition, I needed to feed. Strong and primary feeling. That’s when Richi (The awesome guy who cooks paella) asked us to meet at El Tigre. At this moment, I’m still not sure I have paid the good amount for all the food and beer I had. Can’t be 5€.

As we arrived and without asking us, Richi order several Raciones (basically big plates with a lot of food in it). Chicken, Pork, tortillas de Patatas, the whole stock seemed to be on the table. In 6 words : Very good, A lot, So cheep ! Good deal at El tigre : 30, Calle de las Infantas.

Restaurant El tigre - Madrid

And Silence ! Nobody is speaking for at least 15 minutes. A beer in one hand, a chiken wing in the other and a bocadillo “jamon con queso” between the jaws. Picture the show for the other customers, scary ? Atfer this wonderfull meal, each of us went back to our place. Few beers for digestion with fucked up australians later, I couldn’t move my body anymore, time to sleep.

Madrid Rio – Chilling walk

You should have guessed, after these two “super intense” days, I needed some rest. Therefore, after my daily food meeting with Isabelle, I went chilling on the riverbanks of the Manzanares in south Madrid. The area, Madrid Rio, is few minutes from the Matadero (Don’t know what this is, clic here). One could say you can mix the two activities for a very nice day in Madrid.

Madrid Rio spreads on both side of the river for two or three kilometers of nature. Perfect for wandering and speak locals on holidays or lunch break (3:50pm classic). You can also find funny people for funny pics and for the football fans, you can end your walk with the Vicente Calderón stadium. Perfect.

Terminado madrid

Here we are at the end of the Madrid journey. After this afternoon I didn’t do very special and insteresting stuff expect eating and drinking beers ? I went back one more time in La Latinas and Lavapiés, so cool ! And I went to Alcala which will come in a different article ? Next steps, Valencia and Balkans countries.

See you soon !