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One month ago, I told you about my wish to promote an organization or a project every month. I am a bit late for the first one and I am sorry about that. This all started when I found the organization Sayfty browsing the internet.

At this moment I decided that this blog could have two different objectives : Create the envy of travel to people and inform people about great projects I discover on my way. So here it is, discover Sayfty. I interview doctor Shruti Kapoor, the founder of the organization.

women right strike sayfty

Hello Shruti, can you tell us a bit about Sayfty ?

Sayfty is an Indian organization started in 2013. The organization’s vision is to make the daily lives of millions of Indian women safer by empowering them to take a stance against gender violence. We educate women and girls about the issue of violence against women by using digital media, storytelling and gender role discussions.

Our online campaigns empower women and girls by making them more aware of their rights, helping them identify and speak out against gender violence. We provide safe spaces (online and offline) for open conversations with boys and men to bring about a fundamental shift in how violence against women is perceived.

Our self-defense workshops instill confidence in women and girls to protect themselves while encountering perpetrators.

What made you create this organization ?

Having lived in India for the first 20 years of my life, I’ve experienced sexual harassment first hand, and through my time here in the US, I understand that my experience is part of a broader social problem.

I created Sayfty right after the horrific 2012 Delhi gang rape of Jyoti. The incident deeply impacted me, and inspired me to actively find a solution for this problem. I no longer wanted to be a silent bystander; I wanted to show Indian women how to take charge of their own safety.

I am extremely passionate about this issue and want to provide the same resources to Indian women that I had access to by virtue of my education and experience living abroad. I want them to experience the true meaning of safety. I want them to have a voice, necessary to protect themselves. And that’s our mission at Sayfty.

What is your most important project these days?

There are several ongoing projects :

 – Self Defense training for high school girls in Mumbai : 
This project is in partnership with Rotary Club of Mumbai, Chembur West. Over a course of 1 year we are conducting self-defense workshops for girls 13-15 years old. Here is the Pictures from one of our training 

workshop self defense SAyfty
workshop self defense SAyfty 2

Find more pictures about the self-defense workshop on facebook ! Nota bena : As I told you few weeks ago, I went to a self-defense workshop in Mumbai, story and pictures to come in few days !

 – #IFeelUnsafeWhen campaign
This is an online picture campaign where people all over the world are sharing what makes them feel unsafe. We would love submissions from your followers and friends.

Speak Our Stories :
Allows survivors of sexual violence to share their sexual abuse stories (anonymously or as yourself). We believe every voice matters and every story should be told and heard.

Voice Of the Week :
This is a weekly Twitter curation program that allows anyone from any part of the world to curate Sayfty’s Twitter account for a week. The idea is to allow people who are passionate about women and girl’s safety to use our platform to raise awareness on the issue of violence against women and gender equality.

A weekly twitter chat focused on topics related to women’s safety. Each week a guest expert or an organization is invited on the chat to discuss usually a taboo topic like menstruation or child sexual abuse or online harassment.

What are the different ways to help your organization ?

There are many ways in which one can support and help our organization :

Volunteer with us :
We are always looking for bloggers, social media enthusiasts, story tellers and writers.

Raise Awareness with us :
Be our Voice Of the Week. Spend a week with us raising awareness through out Twitter account
– Share your sexual abuse survivor story using our Speak Our Stories
– Join us on our weekly twitter chats – #sayftychat
– Be our voice online or offline.

Intern with us :
If you are a student, join us an intern. We are always looking for creative minds to help us raise awareness and spread our message.

Help us raise funds :
We depend on the generosity and support of our donors. Helps us raise funds to conduct a self-defense workshop or raise awareness through other campaigns.

This is a travel blog, do you accept travellers volunteers (workaway or helpx) ? what kind of work can they do ?

Travellers can help us in the following way :

– Raise awareness with us. Be our spokesperson in different cities, college campuses, different countries
– Connect us with survivors of violence and help us share their story.
– Raise funds for us through whatever it is that you are passionate about.
– Conduct a workshop to understand what makes women and girls feel unsafe.
– Start a campaign online or offline which focuses on girl’s and women’s safety and the issue of violence against women.

Always open to discussing more ideas and suggestions. You can contact us at team@sayfty.com if you would like to help in other ways.

Last question, a bit more personnal : Did/do you travel and which impact did it have on you ?

Yes I am an ardent traveller and have traveled across various countries in Asia, Europe and The United States. I love planning my travel destinations and enjoy learning about new cultures and people. Travelling has allowed me to fuel my passion for photography and think creatively. It allows me to quench my curiosity about new places, people, food and cultures.

Une photo publiée par shruti (@shruticlicks) le

“The World Is a Book and Those Who Do Not Travel, Read Only One Page”. You can follow my travel adventures on Instagram.

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/sayfty
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sayftycom
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sayfty/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/sayfty
Email: team@sayfty.com


And it’s finished guys ! I hope you enjoyed learning about this organization. Don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments if you liked or not and what has to evolve ! The next project which will be presented is the No Name free hostel. The place where I stayed in Goa !