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India travel tip#1 – Jaipur : Forts, monkeys and pastis

Hi guys, I’m back on the blog ! Today I will tell you about Jaipur, the Rajasthan state capital. Don’t worry, this is no “top 10 oyster pizza in Jaipur” type of post. We will just wander together in the city with pictures and my first India travel tip. It’s at the end, clever isn’t it ? 🙂 Yes yes my friend, I will try to give you one travel tip in each India post. This way, I hope you will understand more clearly the way I conceive travelling. let’s go ! Boum Jaipur ! After a 5 hours...

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5 years later – Back in India and chaos

After two months of writting, deleting and rewritting, here is finaly the first blog post about my way back in India. A special blog post for a special moment. India will always be India, whatever happens and that’s why I love this country. India confuses you, whether you are a neewby or an experienced India traveller. It keeps for you special suprises which will turn your certainties and plans upside down. When travelling in India, it’s time to let it go and follow this impredictible but delightfully enchanting indian vibe. After this love letter to India, back to business. The...

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Destination Madrid #2 : Good food and chill

This trip is going so well that I let you a bit on the side and I am deeply sorry for that. I am sure you were following my stories with great interest and suddently pooof, no news :). I am going to make up for it, I promise you. From now on, no enjoying, no beers with new friends ! Actually now, I serve the beers in an hostel in tirana ! Work work work ! Schedulled in this post : Good food and chill in Madrid ! Madrid – Chilling day After a last night at the “Scout...

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Destination Madrid #1 : Spain is cool !

In the last article, I finished on an incredible and overwhelming cliffhanger. I imagine that you have some question running around in your head like : “Poor guy, how did he manage to survive in Madrid with 10 euros and one cousin ?”, “Is his cousin hot ?” or maybe “How can you be so stupid that you loose your credit card in your first 12 hours of travel ?” To answer your first question, everything is fine. Isabelle (She’s in the picture, I let you make your opinion about the second question), kept for herself her shame about me, the “dumbass” cousin...

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